Anthology Man Rides Again!

Not too long ago I told you that I’d taken to calling myself, Anthology Man. Because I spent most of last year writing a dozen short stories to be submitted to various anthologies.

61Kr8oZGvzLThe first of the 12 to be accepted and published was, The Misplaced Mystery Writer, which appeared in the second volume of, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in the Realms of H.G. Wells, which came out last year.

The next to come out was earlier this month when Silver Empire released, CoverDraft2Secret Stairs: Tribute To Urban Legend, and my story, Nothing Ever Happens Here, was one of 34 great stories that make up the massive volume. It’s also the very first story in the collection so it is very easy to find.

Now, a Kickstarter project has been launched for, My Peculiar Family, Vol. 2, a sequel to a solid anthology by Belanger Books and Sci-Fi Saturday Night. My story, Spinster’s Manor, is a horror short story based in post-Civil War Vermont.

You can contribute to this project right here: Kickstarter campaign.

There are possibly seven more anthologies that I have either been confirmed in, or am being considered for, that will be released throughout this year. Starting with next month as a matter of fact when my story, Extinction Point, comes out on Earth Day in the Earth edition of the 11-book Planetary Anthology series by Superversive Press.

I’ll post updates as these seven are released. But in the meantime, don’t forget to contribute to My Peculiar Family, Vol. 2.

This is Anthology Man, signing off.

#PulpRev and away!!!!!!

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