UPDATE: When The Gods Fell

My latest project, When The Gods Fell, is off to the editor for a final edit. Right now it came in at just under 60,000 words and might wind up a little less or a little more. Its hard to say at this point.

New COver copyBut, at least it is in the final stages and on track for its September 4th release. And if you can’t wait until then – and you plan on attending DragonCon in Atlanta on Sept. 1st & 2nd – I will have print copies with me to sign and sell.

There also be a little bonus material at the end of both the print and Kindle editions when they are released.

So, keep an eye out for the new book while I set about working on my next project – editing the Pluto edition of the Planetary Anthology series for Superversive Press. As soon as I wrap up that project, I have two more sci-fi projects I hope to have finished and released by the end of this year.

If you’ve been a regular reader you already know what we call this. If you are a newcomer, we call it #PulpRev and the real winners are you, the readers.


  1. Okay, just based on the cover, this looks like something I would be into, and I love that indies are resurrecting science fantasy. What’s the logline or back-of-the-book synopsis of this story?

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  2. Well, I’m still working on that, but here’s a rough first draft:

    Millions of years before humans on Earth worshipped the gods of mythology, those deities lived on a world they called Olympus, the fourth planet from the Sun. As the jubilee of Zeus Jupiter’s reign is marked, the other Castes and Houses are chaffing under his rule.

    Led by Odin of Caste Norse and Anu of Caste Paga – and in league with the exiled son of the leader of Caste Zion – a plot to overthrow Zeus is born.

    As a civil war breaks out – even as the conspirators themselves begin to betray one another – that threatens to destroy them all, the embattled ruler is forced to make a terrible decision to salvage what he can of his world.

    A decision that will impact the future of the surviving descendants of Olympus as well as the history of every living creature on Earth.



    1. Oh interesting, and thanks for sharing! Dare I hope the long-vanished fifth planet (the hypothetical one that’s now asteroids between Mars and Jupiter) will make an appearance? On second thought, don’t spoil it. I will bookmark this site for future updates on its publication. And for news about your guild!



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