A New Guild And What Lies Ahead

It was recently announced that I am the founder of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Creators Guild – http://www.sffcguild.com – and there has been an incredibly high amount of positive response to the new organization. (Yes, there’s been the expected negative response from the usual suspects but who really cares about them anyway?)

Logo-transparent-textWe are not yet ready to open the doors and start accepting applications but that should be happening very soon. But I have been asked by several people just exactly what the SFFC Guild’s goals are and what the membership money will go toward. So I thought I would share a little of this here to give everyone a little more information to work with until we are ready to accept applications for membership.

The first is to bring our official website and members-only forum (The Helicon) fully online and eventually provide a stipend for our officers, committee members and IT people.

(2) We will be filing for not-for-profit status (501(c)3) with the IRS. This is a legal process that does cost money along with taking a lot of time and effort to complete.

(3) We will establish a regularly produced newsletter, The Hippocrene, to help update members with Guild news, releases and other matters connected to science fiction and fantasy as well as feature articles on creators and industry news. One such article I’d like to see would address the Goodreads website, owned by Amazon, that allows trolls to post 1-star ratings and reviews that have nothing to do with the book but rather is a personal attack upon the author.

(4) Establish a weekly radio show on LA Talk Radio where Guild members will be on as guests to discuss their works and also to discuss issues directly related to sci-fi/fantasy and promote news and new releases related to Guild members. This network has dozens of daily shows that draw hundreds of thousands of listeners and is a proven vehicle to drive sales for creators.

(5) Promote science fiction and fantasy and the artists that create within these genres across multiple media outlets. Promote an environment where Guild members can collaborate with one another to create new projects.

(6) Establish a relationship with an IP attorney to help members with basic legal questions.

(7) Help serve as a large, unified organization to tackle industry-related issues with a strong and loud voice, that will benefit all of its member creators.

(8) Offer workshops, webinars, mentoring and other services to aid creators new and old in their chosen craft.

(9) Establish an annual adjudicated award. I see this as happening early in the year and to also act as a suggested reading/playing list for the premier award in SF/F, the Dragon Awards, which run in the fall.

(10) Establish an annual convention.

(11) Establish an official Hall of Fame to honor past creators for their contributions to science fiction and fantasy. This will not be a physical building but will be an online entity.

(12) Establish a fund to assist members in times of dire need/emergency.

As we continue forward, this list will be added to as we identify new areas of need. And regular reports will be made by the Treasurer accounting for every dollar taken in and paid out. If you see something you think the Guild should look at adding, drop us a line at contact@sffcguild.com and let us know. If we have the funding available and it is something that would be of great benefit to our membership we will definitely want to do it.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for the announcement that we’re accepting membership applications and watch us as we grow into a great home for creators of science fiction and fantasy.



  1. Its in keeping with the original concept for the Guild. The Nine Muses inspired artists of many different types. The hope is that SFFC Guild will inspire 21st Century creators and aid them in creating great art as well.

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  2. You might want to look into various types of group insurance to offer members. That’s a benefit many fraternal organizations have and is significant for attracting and retaining members. It can also generate significant revenue for the organization outside of membership dues.



    1. Yes that is on our radar as well as it has been suggested by many. But first we do need to get the site and the forum online and then get our not-for-profit status secured and go from there.



  3. Highly ambitious, to say the least. It sounds like an attempt at “What the SFWA Should Have Been.” Let’s start out a bit smaller at first, shall we?

    I think the model that Superversive Press is running, of topical anthologies for short fiction, is a good way not merely to get one’s name out front, but to encourage fledgling writers to keep writing and give them (¡us!) something tangible to shoot for.

    Not to say “Copy Superversive,” but to encourage likewise: monthly writing-prompt story contests maybe.

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  4. A few things on the list are likely 1-3 years from seeing fruition but I wanted to give everyone an idea of what the long-term vision for this Guild is.

    What we can do right now is welcome members and help connect them with others looking to collaborate on projects, give encouragement and support and provide information useful in the pursuit of their craft and without all of the junior high drama some want to attach to everything it seems.

    And projects like Superversive’s Planetary Anthology series is indeed a wonderful way for new and unknown writers to get their name out. I am editing Pluto (we’re still accepting submissions by the way) and hope to be in a few of the other editions as well.

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