Trolls II: Attack Of The Sock Puppets

Is Mike Glyer of File 770 infamy and blogger Camestros Felapton one and the same?

I honestly don’t know the answer to that question, but I have reason to suspect they are and it may have been a case of self-outing that leads me to this conclusion.

Camestros – seeing Glyer taking it on the chin both here on my blog and on several others – attempted to charge to the rescue on his Twitter account. But in his haste to be the White Knight he may have unveiled himself as the court jester instead.

Here’s a screenshot of the tweet:

Screenshot (35)

The key portion is in the lower tweet where he types:

“…is sending me e-mails asking me whether I’ve read his book.”

Only problem is: I’ve never e-mailed Camestros. Don’t even know his e-mail address. I have e-mailed Glyer a couple of times and asked if he ever got around to reading Escaping Infinity.

When called on it with a demand to provide even one of these “e-mails”, Camestros played the “typo card” and claimed he meant tweets:

Screenshot (40)


Yes, because I often type e-mails when I am discussing tweets I’ve been sent, don’t you?

But here’s the other fly in the ointment. Here’s the only two tweets I had sent to him that he could be referring to:

Screenshot (42)

Note the very first line? I wasn’t asking him a single thing about my book. I asked him to forward this ad to Glyer.

Here’s the other tweet:

Screenshot (41)

So there’s only ONE tweet where he could honestly say I was asking him anything and the fact I also tagged the SFWA makes it clear I wasn’t solely addressing him at all. So not only isn’t it e-mails (plural) it isn’t even tweets (plural) because he can barely claim half a tweet was directed right at him.

As I said above, I have e-mailed Glyer several times because I was trying to see if he would read the book and at least give his honest reaction to it. Or rather, I used to e-mail him until he decided to block my e-mail address and cut off communication with me some time ago. Thus the reason to use Camestros as a delivery mule.

Which is why the timing of the attack from Camestros, as well as the wording of it, had me wondering if I was dealing with a sock puppet. As Glyer, he could try to maintain an illusion of respectability while using the Camestros sock puppet to attack his enemies in a way to make it look like an unbiased bystander agreed with him. I’ve seen many trolls use this method to attack their targets.

If you reject the “Typo Defense” it makes a lot of sense. Personally, I honestly don’t know if Glyer and Camestros are the same and so cannot definitively say one way of the other. But I’m having a hard time seeing how anyone could think tweets and type e-mails while tweeting on Twitter and all while retweeting the one and only tweet that really wasn’t directed at him.

I’ve been told that it isn’t very likely that Glyer and Camestros are the same person. Again, they may in fact be two separate individuals. I honestly don’t know, even with some of the evidence that leads me to think they might be.

Since I don’t believe in guilty until proven innocent I will make no claim either way. I have my suspicions, but that is all they are at this point. But one thing I do know, the trolls and some possible sock puppets are hopping mad at me right now.

That’s kind of the problem with being a career troll/sock puppet. At the end of the day all you have is hate and anger and you end up surround by others who have nothing but hate and anger in their hearts.

That’s no way to live life, trolls. But you be you and troll away. I’ve got better things to do with my life and Social Media has this wonderful tool called: The Block Button. I’ll be putting it to very good use from now on.














    1. You were given a chance to prove your claim that I e-mailed you. When you couldn’t produce any evidence you backpedaled and claimed it was a typo and you meant tweets. I think we’ve dispatched both of your claims as bald-faced lies. I don’t know if you are or aren’t Mike Glyer and to be honest, I don’t really care.

      Both you and Glyer (or you and your sockpuppet – whichever is correct) are trolls. And you are both wasting my time. Go annoy someone else.



      1. I sent you 1 tweet and asked you to forward it to Glyer in the very first line since you have both tried to smear me with the same baseless claim in the past. You were tagged in another for the same reason. That’s it. Which does not change the fact you claimed I was e-mailing you (plural, implying several times). When you were called on your false claim and could not provide any evidence to back up your claim you suddenly claimed it was a typo and you meant tweets.

        Sorry. No sale, troll.

        You served the only use I had for you: A mule to deliver a message to Glyer. You did your job. Now, sod off and bother someone else. I’m done with you.


  1. What part of “go annoy someone else” have I not made clear to you? I’m tired of your lot wasting my time with your nonsense. Glyer is butthurt that I sent a free book to a ComicCon in Wisconsin. What your hang up is with me I haven’t a clue. Nor do I really care to find out. You threw in with that bunch by your own choice so deal with the consequences.

    But if you are going to run with a pack of mutts (Vile770) can you really be surprised that you caught fleas?



    1. I do believe both Floppy Cameltoe and ChinaMike have been banned from Mad Genius Club, so they’re trying to find some attention and chum the waters some more. Just ban, block and move on – or, mock on occasion, if they do something particularly stupid.

      Frankly, I think it’s cool to get a book as a free goodie at a con. It’s got a pretty darned good chance of being read and netting potential fans. It’s a pretty successful concept – see Baen Book’s free digital library.

      Liked by 1 person


      1. In this case the GOH had an issue with someone connected to the Con, did not like the Con’s response to her concern and canceled a week before. If she didn’t feel safe or comfortable I have no problem with her withdrawing. The other two authors decided to protest and withdrew too. (Not so sure I agree with that call, but it was their right)

        Since it was too late to secure other writers, another author came up with the idea to send a gift pack of books to the Con so they could hand them out to the attendees, who were the ones who actually got punished by not having the three major guests there.

        That was our intent, to do something for the attendees. None of us weighed in on the issue between the Con and the GOH. The only “side” we took was the fans.

        But the Glyer/Floppy crowd have been mad at us ever since.

        Like you said. Ban, block and move on!

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      2. Well, if you were doing something nice for the fans at your own bat… I fail to see how this is an issue or something to complain about. Unless it’s the ‘failure to consult the Con and the GOH if this is acceptable’ – which, even then, is a douche thing to say no to, since your concerns were for the fans/attendees and simply wanted to make happy. And, as you said, time was short, and you weren’t the only person to give something.

        Anyone complaining about trying to do something to cheer up disappointed attendees has, clearly, a lifetime subscription’s worth of issues, and frankly, aren’t worth the time they want us to invest in it.

        Don’t let them -heck, don’t allow anyone- to steal your joy and drag you into rage or sorrow for their pleasure. Take it from me, there’s enough in life that one encounters that does that.

        Liked by 1 person

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