Market Till You Drop

Happy Saturday writers. What did I do most of this fine day?

I worked.

I wrote some, I QC’d the latest chapters from the Escaping Infinity audiobook project, started taking auditions for the Del Rio Series audiobook project and welcomed quite a few new followers on Twitter.

But more importantly, I marketed my books!!!

Part of it is following people back on Twitter and in a way to make a connection with them. If I have visited a city or lived in the same town as a new follower I mention that and share a memory of two with them.

The other part is going to Facebook groups devoted to the genre my book is written for OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand dropping a photo ad similar to this one for one of the Del Rio series.

Another part of marketing is filling out interview forms for websites that feature authors. I did one this morning that will be posted online on Dec. 8th. Most of these, like the one today, allow me to talk about myself as an author, why I’ve written what I have and what my book(s) are about and why the reader should invest their time and money into reading it.

I also connected with an online radio show that features authors and will be scheduling an appearance on that show soon. I am a regular guest and guest co-host on The Writer’s Block, a weekly show with over 400,000 listeners. I’ve also been on four or five other shows as well. (I don’t do TV because I have a face for radio and a voice for print, lol)

These are all valuable (and free) marketing tools every writer must take advantage of in addition to any paid advertising. And these tools will pay off. I’ve noticed upticks in sales immediately following every big marketing push I have done over the past year.

If you are an author and wondering where to start my advice is this: join Facebook groups, build a website – many hosts are out there from free to inexpensive to quite costly – and create a Twitter account (follow mine @ScribesShade ) and start posting. Post about your books, post about other books or issues related to your book. Build up an online presence and – most importantly – MENTION/OR LINK TO YOUR BOOK AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY!!!!

Scour the internet and find websites and radio programs that interview authors. Check some of the links to similar appearances I’ve made and reach out to them. If you have a book published, or about to be published, reach out to The Writer’s Block to book an appearance. They are currently booked through May 2018 but are always looking for new authors to talk to and help promote.

Pester your local newspapers and radio stations for stories or interviews too. My first-ever radio appearance was on a local AM radio station to talk about From The Fields.

The more you do this, the further your reach extends and the more successful you and your book will be.





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