The Problem With “Sensitivity Readers”

Wednesday carried over into Thursday, this time with a NYC literary agent deciding to cross swords with yours truly.

Its premise (and yes, I said it because one thing literary agents are not is human) is that authors should use ‘sensitivity readers’ before releasing their work. You’ve already heard the usual blathering from them as to why.

Now let me tell you the real reason why.

Because in their heart (or whatever resides there) of hearts they would have fit in perfectly in the USSR of the 1950s. That communist regime had its own ‘sensitivity readers’ in the form of Political Commisars, and other officers, responsible for the political education (ideology) of the citizens. Those found to be in violation of *CorrectThink* were exiled to Siberia or shot outright.

The literary world, especially in New York, is overrun with vile people who would happily live under the thumb of the old USSR and use that power to crush their opponents.

That is what today’s ‘sensitivity reader’ has been created to do. Find any *WrongThink* author, prevent his or her manuscript from ever being read by the general population and destroy that author’s career and ability to make a living until said author gets their mind right.

Well, lads and lasses, I don’t do *CorrectThink*

I don’t do ‘sensitivity readers*

I don’t do literary agents who – as I found out during the two years I had an agent – are nothing more than soulless leeches stealing 15% of my income in return for little or no ROI.

I don’t do ultra-lib publishing houses that promote agenda over well-told, entertaining stories.

A good author will research his/her story so well he/she will know any culture they choose to write about as well or even better than their own. This I do.

I do well-written, well-researched and entertaining stories.

I do Independent Publishing because I will not reward parasites who do nothing for me and I will not be told what I should or should not write by someone who just graduated college and barely shaves more than once a month.

I’ve been writing for over 30 years now.

I think I have a better handle on what I am doing over someone who thinks the use of “Hella” is proper English.


Want to see what 33 years of writing gets you? Check out my latest release: The Complete Trilogy of the Jack Del Rio Political-Thriller Series (Reservations, Betrayals & Endgames) here at in either print or Kindle formats:


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