New Sherlock Holmes Adventures!!!

Are you a Sherlock Holmes fan? (Yay!!)

Are you an H.G. Wells fan? (Yay!!!)

Are you a Richard Paolinelli fan? (*crickets* Hey!!! *shakesfist*)

9a25f8e5794a75728569a973255bf43e_originalThen I have some great news: Sherlock Holmes: Adventures in the Realm of H.G. Wells by Belanger Books is coming out in December and the Kickstarter for the project is underway. We’re already 75% of the way to the $500 goal for the two-volume collection of brand new adventures involving the Great Detective and the incredible works of one of sci-fi earliest masters.

All of the stories have been written and edited and are ready to go and there are some great packages in the Kickstarter along with some bonus material if the projects reaches $1,000 and $2,000 in funds raised.

My story, The Misplaced Mystery Writer, is one of the stories in the volume and marks my third pastiche in a Belanger Books’ Holmes project.

Check it out right here:

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