A Nice Review Of A Nice Book

Escaping Infinity just got another 5-Star review on both Amazon and Goodreads and I wanted to share the first paragraph:

EI_DRAGON_COVER BADGE“This is a very nice book about very nice people. That’s not intended as a criticism; it is a relaxing change of pace not to have to deal with one of the surly anti-heroes that populate contemporary urban fantasy/science fiction.”

This is the entire point of the #PulpRev and #SuperversiveSciFi movement that I am proud to be a part of – producing good quality fiction that entertains the reader and leaves them happy they read the book.

Opposed to the message fiction, doom and gloom nonsense that seems to be popular among the leadership of the SFWA and WorldCon. Those works leave the reader wanting to put themselves out of their misery by stepping out in front of a moving high-speed train.

Check out the rest of Mr. Bradley’s review (he actually has some critiques and still managed to give it 5 stars) right here: Bradley Review.

And if you haven’t yet read Escaping Infinity you can get it right here: Buy Escaping Infinity

And if you don’t have Kindle give it a few days and it will be available on Smashwords and other platforms as well.

And if audiobooks are more your style, an audiobook edition of Escaping Infinity is currently in production and hopefully will be available for purchase before Thanksgiving.

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