Attack Of The Chinese Bot Trolls

Sounds like the title of my latest sci-fi novel, doesn’t it? Sadly, it isn’t.

article-kxlppupxmz-1462627888What it is basically is a one-line explanation of what I and several other writers have been putting up with. In my case for about the last year but even longer for others. I won’t speak for them, they’ve been more than capable of handling themselves against these keyboard commandos.

In my case, I’m still trying to figure out the horrendous crime I committed that made these no-life, Pop-Tart eaters. Yes, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, I have a very low opinion of these trolls.

From what I can tell, I landed on their radar because I gave away a free copy of my book to a Comic Con in Wisconsin. Yeah, I’m an evil bastard,. The nerve of me, giving away a free copy of my book. Who the hell do I think I am anyway?

These folks were up in arms with the Con over an issue related to the Con’s guests of honor. These three authors withdrew from their planned appearance at the Con about a week before it was scheduled to open, leaving the Con with no big-name guests as one week simply wasn’t enough time to get replacements lined up.

I make now, and made none then, any determination on who was right or wrong on the issue. It was between the two parties and since I had no knowledge of who had actually done what, I wasn’t taking sides.

But when a fellow author suggested a few of us put together a bundle of our books to be given to the attendees – the fans of sci-fi/fantasy – who were being made to suffer for something they had nothing to do with, I thought that was a good idea. I’ve been to events where the main attraction bailed at the last minute and it sucked.

So I tossed in a copy of my book and forgot all about it.

Then came the Chinese Bot Army’s Fearless Leader. He’ll remain nameless here because I don’t want to give him the clicks to his vile website – FYI over 90% of which gets its traffic from Chinese Bot farms. And he was hopping mad at me because I had the nerve to do something nice to people who’d done nothing wrong – well, except for not charging the Con with torches ablaze and calling for the heads of the people running the show, of course.

He’s taken a few shots at me over the past year. He even got those few regular visitors to his hate site that are actual flesh and blood people to join in on the fun.

For the most part, they haven’t done much for me to even notice. One signed up for my newsletter with an amusing insult as the username for the e-mail address. As I get notified everytime a new signup hits, that lasted all of 10 seconds. Another decided it would be hilarious to sign me up for every liberal newsletter they could find and used this websites e-mail address to do it. Spam filters are wonderful tools.

Then there was the one that decided to sign me up for six porn sites. Yeah, we have a lot of people walking around that are about 30 years younger mentally than they are physically.  Again, that took about one minute to permanently fix so that trash was gone for good.

Apparently, seeing his army failing so miserably displeased He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named because he recently launched an e-mail blitz of his own at me. About all he proved was that heavy drinking and e-mailing don’t mix.

I won’t go into the finer details – mainly because I still haven’t figured out exactly what he was trying to say or even accomplish in his stupor. I mean he actually said something about sending a “wahhhhbumlance” after I asked him why he expected anyone to be nice to him when they called them a liar with no good reason to do so in the first place. Hell, I’m not even sure what set him off since I don’t think I’ve mentioned him in a post anywhere online for quite some time and all I did do – and this was four days before he went on his e-mail rant – was send him a link to a post that did not mention him either.

I will point out that several months ago I even sent him a print copy of my book, Escaping Infinity, and asked him to at least read something I’ve written just once before assaulting my abilities as a writer.

I haven’t heard a peep out of him regarding the book, not even a thank you for sending it. He did, however, call me a liar – then refused to explain why he made that accusation -at one point after I made the offer to send it.

All of this hate for giving away a free copy of a book to a group of fans who’d committed no offense seems a touch extreme to me but what are you going to do? There’s just no accounting for some people, I guess.

So there you go. One of the pitfalls of being an award-winning writer is having to deal with hate-filled trolls who can only feel better about themselves by attacking others.

And as for the hoardes of Chinese Bot Trolls at my gates, don’t worry I’ll be just fine. I’ve got plenty of this stocked up in my desk…





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