Meanwhile, in Turlock, CA…

A book you probably haven’t read yet is From The Fields: A History of Prep Football In Turlock, California.

ftf_cover_-finalThe book covers the history of high school football played by Turlock’s high school’s since the first game was played back on Oct. 30, 1920. While the majority of the book is about the football games, the coaches and the players it also touches on the history of my hometown as well.

One of the benefits of having gone back and compiled all the win and losses has been making sure milestones don’t pass by unnoticed as a few had in the past.

Two years ago Turlock High recorded its 500th victory in school history and the moment was recognized that very night. Last week Turlock’s current head coach got his 50th win and last night the former head coach for Turlock High and current head coach for Turlock’s other high school, Pitman, picked up his 100th win combined between his tenure leading the two schools’ teams.

His current players were aware of the pending milestone, thanks to a certain historian tweeting about it, and they celebrated the achievement with their coach right after last night’s win on the road.

While that was going on, members of the 1957 team that brought home a State Championship in football for Turlock High were honored with a celebration of their 60th anniversary. It included a proclamation delivered by the Mayor of Turlock.

These are the moments that are being shared, in part because of the awareness raised by my book. They are the moments that make the two years I spent researching, interviewing players and coaches, compiling stats and writing it worth it all.

This was the one thing I could do for my hometown, to help preserve a small piece of its history. Nights like last night are why it matters.






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