Three free books!!!

Limited offer folks – to the first 20 that take me up on it – and it comes with one small catch so read the fine print!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe final book of the Jack Del Rio political mystery-thriller series, Endgames, will be released as an e-book only at the end of October. Tuscany Bay Books is also re-releasing the first two books of the series, Reservations and Betrayals (which both received impressive 5-star reviews from Readers’ Favorite), as e-books only on the same day. They will also be offering an all-in-one edition combining all three books into one volume as 5star-shiny-webboth an e-book and a print edition too.

Can’t wait that long to find out what becomes of Jack? Well, have I got an offer for you – well at least to the first 20 that respond anyway.

I will send you, absolutely free, a PDF copy of the entire three-book series and all I am asking for in return is for you to write up an honest review – it could be a short as a sentence or two on why you liked it or why you didn’t – and drop said review onto the book’s Amazon page. I’ll even send you the link to the page on Amazon as well as a head’s up when the page is live and ready for reviews.

That’s it. You get three free books before anyone else gets to read them (and they have to pay for the privilege) and you get to help me get the book a very nice opening day launch.

Sound like a deal?

Good. Just send me an e-mail to: and make sure you put Jack Del Rio ARC in the subject line. I’ll send you over your copy ASAP and put you on the list of reviewers to be e-mailed when the Amazon page goes live.




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