My Dragon Ballot

I put this off to the very last minute, but I’ve decided to share who I voted for in this year’s Dragon Awards. It was a very tough ballot because I know several of the nominees and I hate choosing between friends.

So here goes:

Best Sci-Fi Novel

Escaping Infinity.  C’mon, you really think I wouldn’t vote for my own book?

Best Fantasy Novel

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge by Larry Correia & John Ringo. A rare easy call as I didn’t care for any of the others.

Best Young Adult

Swan Knight’s Son by John C. Wright. Sorry, Jagi Lamplighter, you were a very close second but I had to go with John.

Best Military SciFi/Fantasy

Star Realms: Rescue Run by Jon Del Arroz. This was a three-way tie with J.F. Holmes and Mark Wandry’s excellent books. But the tie-breaker was by taking Jon, my good friend Mike Glyer and his Vile, er, File 770 hate site would blow a gasket.

Best Alternate History

Another Girl, Another Planet by Lou Antonelli. Another close one with Harry Turtledove and Kai Wai Cheah very worthy honorable mentions, but Lou’s book is the class of the field.

Best Apocalyptic Novel

A Place Outside The Wild by Daniel Humphreys. A four-friend category, ugh, and all three books were worthy of winning. But Dan gets the nod over the Declan Finn/Allan Yoskowitz entry and J.F. Holmes’ well-written book. Why N.K. Jemisin is on this list escapes me. I guess when you have a deep-pockets publisher behind a book, one can find a way to scrape up enough votes to get onto any ballot. But, in my humble opinion, her book is unworthy of the honor.

I guess, as we have seen with the Nebula and Hugo Awards the last few years, when you have a deep-pockets publisher behind a book, one can find a way to scrape up enough votes to get any book onto any ballot.

But, in my humble opinion, Jemisin’s book is unworthy of the honor.

Best Horror Novel

Live And Let Bite by Declan Finn. This vote damn near killed me. Because I loved Declan’s book and the Tom Tinney and Morgen Batten entry, Blood of Invidia, was just as good. In the end, I had to go with Declan and hope Tom will forgive me.

Best Comic Book

The Dresden Files: Dog Men by Jim Butcher, Mark Powers & Diego Galindo

Best Graphic Novel

Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Wild Card by Jim Butcher & Carlos Gomez

OK, disclaimer time. Butcher’s Dresden Files were the only entries I read in both the comic book & graphic novel categories.

Best SciFi/Fantasy TV Series

Marvel’s Agents of Shield, ABC. Yeah, I like this show. I like Phil Coulson and I don’t watch or like any of the others. Doctor WHo normally would be an automatic pick for me, but ever since Matt Smith departed, the show is unwatchable.

Best SciFi/Fantasy Movie

Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins. This was a crazy category. If the vote was taken last October, I would have gone with Dr. Strange. If it was last January, I go with Passengers. If it had been before June 1st, I go with Guardians of the Galaxy.

But no, the vote was called after June 2nd and the day I went to see Wonder Woman and the others were toast. I said it earlier this year, I’ll say it again: Dear DC Comics, turn over the entire DC cinematic universe over to Patty Jenkins. She knows how to properly produce a superhero movie.

Best SciFi/Fantasy PC/Console Game

Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix. Only one I’ve played, easy choice.

Best SciFi/Fantasy Mobile Game

Super Mario Run, Nintendo. See above.

Best SciFi/Fantasy Board Game

Hero Realms by White Wizard Games, See above.

Best SciFi/Fantasy Miniatures/Collectible Card/Role Playing Game

Magic The Gathering: Eldritch Moon by Wizards of the Coast. I’ve been a fan of MTG since the early days. I even still have my original Goblin Deck.


Congratulations to all of tomorrow’s eventual winners. And yes, congratulations to all of the finalists, no matter who wins and who does not, it is an honor to share the title of 2017 Dragon Award Finalist with such wonderful creators.



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