What’s The Hold Up George?

So apparently, it’s a thing now and I want to jump on board the bandwagon too. So here goes.

Jump on the band wagon

It has been several years since George R.R. Martin has released a new book, 2012 to be exact. Some authors are listing all the books they’ve written and released since 2012. In my case, all you have to do is look at my Books page and you’ve got my list.

For the record, since 2012 I have released six standalone novels, two novelettes and two short stories that were part of Sherlock Holmes anthologies. This year I have written two more anthology-bound short stories, am almost finished with a third and hope to release two new novels before the end of the year.

We call it the #PulpRev – short for Pulp Revolution. Back in the golden age of sci-fi/fantasy authors like Doyle, Burroughs and Wells cranked out a steady flow of entertaining material for their readers to eagerly consume. Nowadays, it seems like the bigger houses like to torment their readers with a slow drip of stories that preach to the reader rather than entertain.

So those of us that identify with the #PulpRev make a serious effort to get entertaining stories of great quality out as fast as our fingers can type. You’ll also note – unlike a certain house with certain authors – we don’t charge print edition prices for e-book editions of our books. We want to entertain you, not bankrupt you.

So when you see the hashtag #PulpRev attached to the name of such great authors like Declan FinnJon Del ArrozLarry CorreiaDawn Witzkesome dude with a hard-to-pronounce Italian last name and a host of many, many others I haven’t listed here but are just as worthy, you know you’ve got a good story at your fingertips.

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