Cinematic Trifecta Saturday

So what do two people with no kids at home any longer do with a Saturday off?

We go spend eight hours at the movie theater, that’s what we do. So the wife and I trundled off to what has become our favorite theater ever – assigned seats, reclining chairs you can almost sleep in, etc, etc. – and we decided to do something we’ve never attempted before – see three movies in one go.

Pirates 5

We started our journey with Pirates of the Carribean – Dead Men Tell No Tales. It was nice to see them get back to what made the franchise work in the original trilogy. The fourth installment should have been sunk at sea before it was ever filmed. The fifth movie brings back all the elements that made the first film an enjoyable watch.

Avoiding spoilers is the rule around here, but one thing I will ask: Given what happens to a certain stepdad in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, what’s with the sudden run of bumping the dads off in movies? Granted the dads sacrificed themselves for good reason, but it is almost like Hollywood has declared war on us.

The_Mummy_(2017)We then wandered all the way across the building to get to The Mummy. It was okay, has some promise and certainly set the stage for the planned Dark Universe.

I’m not sure how Tom Cruise’s character works into the classic Dracula, Invisible Man, Mummy, Wolfman, et al universe. But we’ll see I suppose. But I do hope we’ll see more of Russell Crowe across all of the planned films – maybe even as a standalone film?

Which left us with the grand finale, Transformers: The Last Knight. Let me start by saying that I wish they had started the Transformer franchise with Age of Extinction, the first film involving Mark Wahlberg, instead of the first three with Shia LeWackedOutOfHisHead.

Transformers 5That film, and this new release, have been the superior films. Again, no spoilers, but it is certainly worth going to see.

Probably won’t be doing a trifecta again anytime soon, but this one was well worth the time and occasional numb butt.

Now, its back to work time for me, seeing if I can create a world and populate it with characters worthy of making you take root in your favorite chair, numb butt and all.



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