Nice First Day Of Summer Surprise

So my first day of summer begins with this 5-Star review of Escaping Infinity…

“Richard Paolinelli’s “Escaping Infinity” is a damn good read. It has the vibe of a “Twilight Zone Episode” while also reminding me of the film “Dark City”, while building up into something truly sensational. The story works so well because the writing is meticulous as it is entertaining, blending together aspects of mystery, sci-fi, and dare I say the paranormal? All the twists and turns really make you question where the story will go next. All the while, I truly felt like a guest of the Infinity, which was both chilling and exciting. I was urged to keep reading to figure out what step our daring Peter would take next to get out of the purgatory he finds himself trapped in.
My only complaint was the Liz back story section. I personally felt it could have been split up into two parts, but it doesn’t distract because the story keeps moving at a furious pace. Paolinelli manages to capture the epic scope of the scenes.
Overall, this is a very solid piece of science fiction that explores so many ideas it will damn near melt your brain trying to absorb them all on the first go. I can’t really go into them without going into spoiler territory, but pick up a copy of this novel today and see for yourself.”

Thanks for the great review Joshua!!!!


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