Writing Beverages

Quite a few readers of my sci-fi novel, Escaping Infinity, have asked me what I was smoking or drinking when I wrote it. I’m taking it as a compliment because those questions are usually followed by a lot of praise for the book.

This is one example from a 4-star review posted on Amazon: “One surmises the author was having a glass of wine (or two) while listening to Hotel California and came up with this science fiction story. Hey, inspiration comes from the most random spark and this idea is great! Bravo..

I don’t often imbibe adult beverages while writing. If anything, I have a glass of Dr. Pepper at hand during my writing sessions. But when I do it is one of two drinks and I figured why not share them with you.

The first is a classic: 7&7. Yep, Seagram’s Seven, 7-up and ice.

The second is a concoction of my own design. I call it Scribe’s Elixir and here’s how you make it:

In a tall glass, place 5 large cubes of ice. Place a slice of lime on top of the ice. Slowly pour one shot of Southern Comfort on top of the lime, allowing the liquor to slowly drain down the ice to the bottom of the glass. Fill remainder of glass with Dr. Pepper.


And if Dr. Pepper is not your thing (and if it isn’t, what the hell is wrong with you?  j/k) you can swap out Dr. Pepper with Coke – which makes it a Scribe’s Delight.

Warning, I tried it with Pepsi. Once. We will not speak of that experiment ever again.

So there it is, this writer’s beverage of choice while at work. Why don’t you head over to Amazon, order a copy of my book: ( https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MU7VO42 ) whip up a tall glass of Scribe’s Elixir and enjoy.

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