Dear CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and all of its news and entertainment shows,

HodgkinsonThis is the new face of your networks.

Dear USA Today, NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, McClatchy News Services, Associated Press and every newspaper and online news sites based in the United States.

This is the new face of your publications.

Dear Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and every member of the Democrat Party – both in leadership, Congress and rank-and-file members.

This is the new face of your party.

Dear Occupy (Insert whatever), Wikileaks, Huffington Post, Twitter, Facebook and all of the other leftist organizations and groups across the United States.

This is the new face of your organizations, the new face you will see looking back at you in the mirror every morning from now on.

This is your new mascot, James T. Hodgkinson. He is your Frankenstein monster. You meticulously created him over the years with your vitriol aimed at conservatives. You jolted him to life over the past few months as you ramped up your hate over one lost election.

You made him.

Now, you own him.

If you want to unshackle yourself from your monster, only one path remains to you. Enough with dehumanizing people who don’t agree with you. Enough making statements that signal to your monster – and all of those out there just like him that we haven’t discovered yet – that those on the other side are sub-human and not fit to walk the Earth. Enough posting pictures of a beheaded President and laughing it off as a joke. Enough supporting plays and movies that show an assassinated Republican President or a President murdered in the way Julius Ceaser was slain, and claiming it is “just art.”

You all need to take a very long look at yourselves and what you are doing and change. Otherwise, you are liable – just as Victor Frankenstein was – to wind up being destroyed by one of those very monsters that you have created.

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