Finally, DC gets it right

Growing up as a kid moving across the west, reading a comic book in the backseat of our family car as we moved on to the next location for my father’s drilling business, was commonplace.

My two favorite were Batman and Wonder Woman. I never cared for Superman because he was too much of a Boy Scout for my tastes and I never could get into the Marvel books. (Calm down, I’m a huge Marvel fan now!)

So when DC’s latest run of movies – post Christopher Nolan – started out with an okay Man of Steel and a dismal Batman vs. Superman, I was concerned that DC was completely incapable of making a superhero movie worth watching. Not to mention ever getting onto the same playing field that Marvel has been dominating for some time now.

When I first heard they were going to do a Wonder Woman standalone, I worried they’d botch it so bad we’d never see Diana on the big screen again. When they first announced Gal Gadot would play the lead, my concern grew.

But Gadot’s somewhat limited role in Bats vs Supes gave me my first glimmer of hope. She was the only actor on the screen worth watching throughout the film.

So this past weekend I finally made my way to my local cineplex and watched Wonder Woman. My response?


Seriously, just turn over total control of the DC Universe to Patty Jenkins and give her a blank check. That’s how good Wonder Woman was. Because it’s still relatively new, I’m not going to run any spoilers.

But quite frankly there wasn’t a single misstep I saw in the entire film. Story, backstory and character development was exquisitely done.

If this is a hint of things to come – less of Snyder’s dark doom and gloom and more of Jenkins masterful storytelling – then perhaps we can finally have the DC movies we’ve been waiting for in what seems like forever.



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