The Game Is Afoot

Growing up in a drilling family, we moved about quite a lot. It was not uncommon for me to start a school year in one school, finish the year in a second and start the next year in a third.

So most of the time I would head for the library during any free time at school rather than try to get to know people I’d never see again. Some of the first authors I discovered were Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells and Edgar Allan Poe and it did not take me too long to read everything they’d ever written.

So when my short story “A Lesson In Mercy” was one of 10 Sherlock Holmes pastiches included in Beyond Watson and “The Woman Returns” was one of 20 to make up Holmes Away From Home you can just imagine how much pride and joy I was feeling that I had joined Holmes’ world.

Now I have an opportunity to take that up one level. Belanger Books, the publisher of the previously mentioned collections, is preparing another collection of original adventures for the Great Detective. The twist on this one has Holmes intermixing in the universe of one H.G. Wells.

If you thought for a second that I would pass up a chance to see what I can do with two of my earliest literary favorites, well, you should know better. You should also know that I’d take it up one more notch.

You see, the story I’m putting together not only sees Holmes interacting with Wells, it also directly involves Poe. The trifecta!

Will it be accepted? I don’t know, but I certainly hope so. But even if it should not make the final cut, it is still going to be a blast doing it. And if you think you’ve got a story that will fit in with the upcoming project, please drop Derrick Belanger an e-mail at and include the word SUBMISSION in the subject heading. In the body include your name, a brief synopsis of your story, and your story length (# of words). Stories should be between the 5,000 and 10,000-word range and must be e-mailed by July 15th.

Come my fellow Sherlockians! The game is afoot!


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