A Time For Change

For the last couple of years I’ve been what is known as a hybrid writer. Both traditionally and independently published. There were some books I wanted total control over from start to finish and indie publishing offers exactly that.

10485847_279263655595834_8271865721917039142_nBut I was also traditionally published and I even had an agent, one I signed up with back in 2014. I had always wanted to be traditionally published through an agent and I was thrilled beyond description on that day in 2015 when Reservations was released and I held the first hard copy of it in my hands.

Without going into the details, and by mutual agreement, my agent and my publisher and I have decided to go our own ways. So I can now scratch out both hybrid and traditional when I’m asked how I’m published.

What this means for the Jack Del Rio series I haven’t decided yet. The first two books were the ones I had written before seeking an agent and the other two were added to sell as a series. So if I should decide to end it with Betrayals, I can live with that. At this time, there is certainly no rush to decide.

Would I consider getting another agent and being traditionally published again? I honestly don’t know. I won’t close the door on the idea forever but, for now at least, I think I very much want to try going on the path of indie publishing and see where it takes me.

So keep following this blog – which is also now my official author website – for news, reviews and updates along with the occasional scribble on the news of the day and take the journey with me.

No matter where it ends, it should be a hell of a ride.


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