When All You’ve Got Is Snark, You’ve Got Nothing At All

So apparently some new “friends” from another blog, that purports to be about sci-fi but is running about 80% politics, have taken umbrage with my post on “Bein’ Born” the other day.

I’m not surprised. As my grandfather used to say: “When you toss a rock into a pack of dogs the one that yelps is the one you hit.”

And brother, are they a yelping over there. Now, I’m not going to drop a link or mention any names, mainly because I want to spare you the abuse on your eyes of having to read their vile nonsense. But I will give you some of the highlights.


My favorite was the absolute inability to comprehend what was written. I started the post off by mentioning Johnny Ringo from the film, Tombstone, and that he was a deranged, depraved creature. I ended the post by pointing out that the SJZs are very much like that specific Johnny Ringo, deranged and depraved.

Yet one commenter over there seems to discard the opening paragraphs of my post and claims that I compared the SJZs to a very good author named John Ringo and he might not be happy with the comparison. He isn’t because he has outstanding reading comprehension and knows the difference between John Ringo and Johnny Ringo and he knows exactly who the SJZs were being compared to.

But this is SOP for SJZs. Hit with an inconvenient truth, they lie.

They also like to do snark. For example: “Those writers with blogs don’t allow comments. What are they afraid of?”

Well, nothing. Because, like this blog, on every writers’ blogs I’ve checked out comments are welcome. Foul-mouthed, juvenile insults without any substance are not.

Sadly, those are the only kind of comments the SJZs are capable of. Which is why they hang out in that vile cesspool of nothingness of theirs. And I hope they keep over there.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your comments and answer any questions you might have. Just keep it PG-13 or better, okay? Bear with me though, sometimes my schedule gets so insane that I am unable to check in here for a few days at a time.

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