Marvel Keeps Schooling DC

I rarely go see a movie at a theater. I don’t like the high prices for the tickets or the food. I don’t like the uncomfortable seats that turns your butt numb in 20 minutes or less. I don’t like that you always get someone in the crowd that has to be as loud as possible from  10 minutes before movie time until three minutes after the end of the credits.

I prefer to wait a few months for the DVD release (I’m not a fan of Blu-Ray either, sorry) where I can sit on my comfortable couch, eat my favorite – and very affordable – food and enjoy the film in peace.

So last night we brought home Doctor Strange. The movie has been reviewed nearly to the last frame so this is not going to be a review post. But as we were watching this very solid entry into the Marvel Universe, I realized once again that DC is getting its clock completely cleaned by Marvel in the film adaptation department.

Which is a shame because my favorite comic book superheroes are mostly from DC. Batman was an early favorite as was Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Green Arrow. I always thought Superman was just a little too goody-two-shoes for my taste.In my early years of comic reading

In my early years of comic reading, I never got into Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and the others in the Marvel section of the local drugstore’s comic book rack. So for me, the Marvel movies have been a great introduction and I’ve actually gotten more into the characters with each new film. And each new film has been just as good, if not a little better, than the last one.

So it has been very sad to watch DC blunder through its recent spate of films. Man of Steel was promising but Batman vs. Superman was a hot mess. Fortunately,. Gal Gardot’s Wonder Woman exceeded expectations and the WW standalone has promise. The same can’t be said at this point for the others slated to come out soon, sad to say.

It was during Doctor Strange that I realized why DC is lagging so far behind. The DC movies are grim, dark and lack even a semblance of fun anywhere in the film. Marvel can be grim and dark and still manage to have some fun.

The scene that brought on the epiphany came when Strange reaches up to adjust the collar of the Cloak of Levitation up in dramatic fashion with the soundtrack music perfectly conveying the importance of the moment…

…and the cloak decides to dab at the schmutz on Strange’s face in motherly fashion. A perfect bit of comedy that did not ruin the moment in the least bit.

These reminders that we’re on a fun ride with these Marvel characters is why the MU films are standing up on a high pedestal and the DC films are stuck down in the basement.


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