The Best Laid Plans…

I should be writing this post from my hotel room in Port Arthur, Texas. I should be looking forward to a busy Wednesday schedule of visiting some old family haunts in Sabine Pass and Galveston, followed by a tour of the Johnson Space Center in Houston and capping the day off with a nice visit with a Houston-area writer’s group.

The fact that I am writing this brief post while sitting in my own office chair instead should tell you all you need to know about what’s coming next.

The bags were packed. The rental car fueled and ready to carry me from Southern California to East Texas in two days time. Then my maternal heritage reared its ugly head. I woke up two hours before departure time with a migraine, and this was a whopper. Blurry vision and long-distance driving don’t mix, so the trip was postponed to later this year.

Which means all that I had planned to share with you on this blog this week isn’t going to happen. However, give me a day of two to run off the marching band that is practicing in between my ears and I’ll have something up for you.

Oh yes, I always have a Plan B. And C, D, E…

One Comment

  1. Having Plan B, and C and D and E are also part of your maternal heritage. Sorry about the migraine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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