Let me preface this post with two facts.

  1. I worked in newsrooms across the western half of the United States from 1991-2008
  2. I was appalled when the GOP nominated Trump and dismayed when the choices for POTUS between the two major parties were a pair of criminal, corrupt New Yorkers. So needless to say, I did not vote for either of them in November.

That being said…

Today’s booting out of a White House press gathering of the NY Times, LA Times, CNN and a few others has caused quite the stir among the press in general. But given what I witnessed in the newsrooms and in my direct contact with “journalists” from eastern papers and news organizations I have a different reaction.

“It’s about damn time.”

Nearly every single news organization in this country has copped an attitude of superiority, a disdain for the unwashed masses that make up their readership and not-so-insignificant amount of entitlement.

Yes, they need to be taken down a peg or two. They need to remember – and in many cases learn for the first time – the basics of journalism.

Who? What? Where? Why? and How?

There is no room in journalism for opinion masquerading as news reporting. There is no room for pre-reporting bias masquerading as truthful, accurate news reporting.

Until the profession realizes how far off the rails they have gone then more of this needs to happen to them.

So yes, today for the very first time, I am 100% in agreement with something the Trump Administration has done and sincerely hope they continue doing until the lesson is finally learned.

You and I, the general public deserve no less. The sad truth is, we should have been demanding this all along.

One Comment

  1. Yup! From my personal experiences, growing up in a coal-mining town, then on the High Plains of South Alberta, on a mixed farm, I noticed:
    Lumbering = media mavens left stuff out;
    Coal Mining = media mavens left stuff out, and/or added stuff not really correct;
    Ranching = media mavens realized there were animals present;
    Farming = media mavens realized there was dirt involved;
    Education = media mavens realized there were children and teachers present;
    Later on, after working in sidewalk construction, on the CNR as a Telegrapher, and in the Oilpatch as a Seismic Surveyor, I decided that the media mavens were happier if there was pavement under their vehicles, screens between them and the outdoors, and that a Good Bar, with an experienced Bartender, was needful for media maven exchanges of ‘information’.
    Their problems, with writing coherently about the Canadian Provinces’ Health Care Systems, while somehow seeing the powerless Federal Health Minister as ‘Boss’ of the system, were quite irritating, to this reluctant holder of an Alberta Personal Health Card (which is required to get recorded in the ‘system’, even if you are gonna pay cash…



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