A Taste Of Things To Come

What I thought I would do here today is let you know a little bit more about what my intentions are for this blog. Mostly it’s to let readers get to know me a little better.

There isn’t going to be a specific theme to the posts here. Much like my writing history (check out the About Richard page for more about that) my writing subjects tend to be a bit eclectic. As you can see from my bookshelf page, I’ve written about sports (non-fiction) as well as mysteries and thrillers. But my true love in fiction has always been sci-fi.

So you are going to see posts on all of those subjects, ranging from my own writing to topics of the day. And I am looking forward to reading your comments in reply to my posts. Hopefully, we will all have fun and maybe exchange a few ideas along the way.

Even though I have written a political thriller with Betrayals, I am going to try very hard to avoid political posts here. That is not to say there won’t be the occasional comment on a hot-button issue from time to time. But my intention is to keep those to a minimum.

Primarily because at some point during this last election cycle I found myself completely sick to death of the whole political kerfuffle. Left vs. right, Democrat vs. GOP, Liberal vs. Conservative and all of the little factions that lay between and on the fringes beyond both extremes.

One side of the political spectrum called me every slur in their playbook because I refused to publicly support their crooked, criminal candidate from New York. And in this Alice Through The Looking-Glass/Bizarro World that this election cycle turned into, so did the other side.

And so, very much like the fellow below, I mentally checked out and removed myself to a place where I could sit back, crack open a cold beverage and let the partisans slug it out until they wear themselves out. Over time, you’ll get a pretty good idea of where I come down on issues without having to have me preach them at you.

But, in the meantime, let’s turn our attention to more enjoyable discussions and less divisive issues. Such as which is better, Star Trek or Star Wars…?  Personally, I say Babylon 5.

Oh yeah, this is going to be fun.

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